Mexico Art Travel Journal-3/15

IMG_3205IMG_3204IMG_3203IMG_3202IMG_3201IMG_3200IMG_3199Just back from my Painting In Mexico trip in San Miguel de Allende and here are some of my art travel journal entries created while down there.

It was a fantastic trip–full of amazing and colorful places to paint, many moving pre-Easter processions to witness, a wonderful group of women participants, beautiful blooming jacaranda trees and bougainvillea all around.

These travel pages are done quickly, often combining pen, collage materials, and paints  to capture various aspects of the trip. They are often “rougher” less refined portraits than my paintings and are so much fun to make. I give all participants on my Painting in Mexico trips a travel journal of their own to create.

Such a great trip–I’m raring to go again next year!