Art Therapy

Art Therapy: Journey, Exploration, Discovery

Art Therapy is a process whereby a client uses a variety of art materials for communication and self-expression in the therapy and studio setting. Artworks and the art process, in this context, become springboards to feelings, self-discovery, unleashing creativity, promoting development, and channeling emotional stress into a constructive form to be explored either via continued art making and/or verbally.

In my practice, the art process and the relationship which develops with the art therapist, are the means whereby conflict can be re-experienced and resolved, bringing about self-reflection, self-awareness and growth. I aim to create a safe and inspiring studio environment where one can use materials (pastels, clay, paint, collage etc.) to take risks, to explore, to discover, to imagine, and to uncover one’s innate health, wholeness, and brilliance, which can easily become stuck or hidden while enduring life’s stressors.

In art therapy, the focus shifts from the skill and art product in art making to the experience and process of creating.  No art experience is necessary to participate in art therapy.

I offer individual art therapy services on a limited basis. I hold a Masters degree in Art Therapy from George Washington University and am nationally registered (ATR) and Board certified (BC) as an art therapist.  I taught art therapy in Naropa University’s graduate art therapy training program from 1992–2001.

Specialty Areas: 
Art Therapy with children and adults, specializing with adults in transition and dealing with stress, relationship issues, parenting issues, depression and anxiety, creative and emotional blocks. Specializing in developmental and emotional issues with children.

To learn more about art therapy, go to The American Art Therapy Association website.