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Sawhill Pond2_edited-3

Sawhill Pond - 15"h x 11"w - watercolor

Fall Harvest At Pachamama_edited-3

Fall Harvest At Pachamama - 15"h x 22"w - watercolor

A Passion For Peonies_edited-2

A Passion For Peonies - 11"h x 15"w - SOLD

Flatirons Storm Brewing_edited-2

Flatirons Storm Brewing - 15"h x 22"w - watercolor - SOLD

The Drama Of Blue Mountains_edited-2

The Drama Of Blue Mountains - 15" h x 11" w - watercolor

Shanahan Ridge_edited-2

Shanahan Ridge - 11" h x 15" w - watercolor

Dressed Up For Summer2

Dressed Up For Summer - 20" h x 16" w - watercolor

Garden CompanionsB_edited-2

Garden Companions - 16" x 20" - watercolor


Flower Symphony - 11"w x 15"h - watercolor


And They Sang to Summer - 15"w x 22"h - watercolor - SOLD


Sculpted Garden - 11"w x 15"h - watercolor


Gateway to Gold - 15"w x 22"h - watercolor