Garden Painting has Begun-June 2018

Painting from our first day of my Garden Painting Tour, in Heidi Feigal’s garden.

El Puerco de la Mansión—The Pig!

Finally finished El Puerco de la Mansión, painted last year during my Painting In Mexico trip.

Mexico 2018 Paintings

Some of my latest paintings from Painting In Mexico 2018!


I had such a great time painting there this year with the two different groups….

Happy Valentine’s Day

Making “Scribble” Valentines at home while convalescing (after surgery).


Student Showcase!

Julie Waldner’s beautiful painting of India—done in my “Around the World Landscapes” Class, November 2017.


Student Showcase: Patty Josephs

IMG_7330 IMG_7327 IMG_7328 IMG_7329 IMG_7331IMG_7332

Patty Josephs-recent paintings. I’ve been painting with Patty a few years since her stroke. She now paints with her left hand although prior to her stroke she was right handed. I’m amazed at her abilities and have a sense that painting provides her with a valuable mode of self expression and life enriching creative experience.

Towards Wagonwheel Gap

Towards Wagonwheel Gap just sold from the Open Space and Mountain Parks exhibit (Aug.-Sept. 11, 2017) at the Boulder Public Library. Painted en plein air from the trailhead on Lee Hill just west of Broadway in one of my Outdoor Landscape Painting Classes offered every Fall. Yippee!

Towards Wagonwheel Gap - 15"h x 22"w - watercolor

My favorite summer painting!

And my latest most favorite painting—a demonstration in my Beginning Two class.


My Summer ’17 Garden Paintings

IMG_6774 IMG_6775 IMG_6776 IMG_6667



Clockwise from top left:  Turquoise Water (Leslie Pizzi’s garden), Weeping Cedar (Kevin Gallagher’s garden), Proud Delphiniums (Heidi Feigal and Bill Henry’s garden), Hidden Maiden (Wendy Ahrendt’s garden), and below: Peter’s Arch (Carle and Andy Churgin’s garden). Thank you to all you amazing gardeners who shared your gardens with us this summer.

Garden Painting Summer 2017

It has been a great summer touring different gardens and painting in my Monday and Wednesday classes.  Here are a few students paintings from this summer.  Sorry I didn’t get photos of more students’ work. They have been amazing! :

IMG_6569  IMG_6563

Catherine Von Hatten                Judy Martin

IMG_6561   IMG_6566

Nina Hausfeld                                Christy Hoyl

IMG_6556 IMG_6553

Kay Curtis                                   Kay Curtis

IMG_6530 IMG_6531

Kay Curtis                                     Susie Zurbrugg

IMG_6532 IMG_6555

Catherine Von Hatten                Barb Rilling

IMG_6564 IMG_6639

Patty Angerer                            Susie Zurbrugg


Suzanne DeAtley