Recent Works

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The Blue Wall

The Blue Wall - 16" h x 19 1/2" w - watercolor - SOLD

Parker and Gladiolus_edited-3

Parker And Gladiolus - 15" h x 14" w - watercolor

Overlooking Sevilla_edited-2

Overlooking Sevilla - 16" x 20" - SOLD

Sorolla's Garden_edited-2

Sorrow's Garden - 20" h x 16"w - SOLD

The Gate_edited-2

The Gate - 15" h x 11" w - watercolor

Ball Jar Still Life_edited-2

Ball Jar Still Life - 22"h x 15"w - watercolor - SOLD

Always Room For Two More 2

Always Room For Two More - 15" h x 22" w - watercolor

A Tangle of Lilies_edited-2

A Tangle Of Lilies - 19"h x 14"w - watercolor

Watermelons After Tamayo_edited-2

Watermelons After Tamayo - 11" h x 15"w - watercolor

Tulip Mornings_edited-2

Tulip Mornings - 15"h x 11" w - watercolor

Mt. Moran Fall_edited-2

Mt. Moran Fall - 15"h x 11"w - watercolor

Towards Wagonwheel Gap_edited-2

Towards Wagonwheel Gap - 15"h x 22"w - watercolor