Mexico Art Travel Journal-3/15

IMG_3205IMG_3204IMG_3203IMG_3202IMG_3201IMG_3200IMG_3199Just back from my Painting In Mexico trip in San Miguel de Allende and here are some of my art travel journal entries created while down there.

It was a fantastic trip–full of amazing and colorful places to paint, many moving pre-Easter processions to witness, a wonderful group of women participants, beautiful blooming jacaranda trees and bougainvillea all around.

These travel pages are done quickly, often combining pen, collage materials, and paints  to capture various aspects of the trip. They are often “rougher” less refined portraits than my paintings and are so much fun to make. I give all participants on my Painting in Mexico trips a travel journal of their own to create.

Such a great trip–I’m raring to go again next year!

Finished Faces

IMG_3185 IMG_3187 IMG_3191 IMG_3188As I promised, I’m adding a few of my finished portraits from my January-March portrait classes, Face Time and About Face, some from photos and some from live models.

And one more self-portrait…..

self portrait 3-15And the finished self-portrait by Catherine Von Hatten.

Face To Face Class Portraits

IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2787 IMG_2788 IMG_2789 IMG_2791 IMG_2792 IMG_2793 IMG_2794I’d like to share some of the amazing portraits that students in my Face To Face portrait class painted over the past 2 months. Students painted watercolor faces from photos, from live models, and several are self-portraits.  Take a look and be amazed with me. Not sure how to put the artist’s name next to her portraits—but in order, the artists are:  Catherine Von Hatten, Lea Samuel, Barb Rilling, Jan Snooks, Kay Curtis, Suzanne DeAtley (2), Julieanne Brody (2)

Painting the Face, with Values

In portrait classes we are currently working on painting faces with value—the lights and darks of a face—and painting values with one color only. Really fun and a great exercise in letting go and loosening up; just trying to follow the shapes of the shadows and how they move along the contours of the face. IMG_2757

Current Still Life Class

IMG_2759IMG_2758In my current “Living The Still Life” Class, we have been studying   composition, painting fruits and vegetables; how to paint shadows, and fabric, as well as an initial look at backgrounds.

Still life painting is a wonderful avenue towards nowness–sinking into that space of just noticing the shape and color of an object, and exploring the aesthetic relationships of objects placed in space.

Onto painting glass and shiny reflections next class.

Current Classes-Works in Progress

I’m currently teaching two portrait classes: Face Time (with live models) and About Face (Beginning Portraits). Here are two portraits, painted from photos that I have started and have been using to demonstrate to the classes various stages of painting the face. I’ll post them again when I am done. Below these first two are two more portraits painted from live models we have had in our Face Time class, also in various stages of being finished.

Many vivid and subtle differences when painting from photos and live models, almost two different processes.  From photos, I like being able to slow down and take more time to slowly layer transparent watercolor and build up a face, almost like sculpting.  From live models I love the daring spontaneity of painting more quickly—and the results seem so lively in a way that my painting from photos does not capture.





Acadia Overlook

Just finished and sent off this diptych painting of Maine in Acadia National Park which I had painted in my travel journal last August and my cousin Jim saw it and commissioned me to paint it a bit larger to give to his wife, my cousin Jane, this Christmas. Ssssh!  Don’t say a word and ruin the surprise! I really enjoyed this project—a bit challenging to make the two paintings work together. Acadia Overlook_edited-2

Painting Donation to Shambhala Sun’s Online Auction

Anderson Farm2I have donated an original watercolor painting (22″ x 15″ unframed) titled “Fields of Summer” to the Shambhala Sun’s online auction which will be going on until December 9, 2014. Do some of your holiday shopping and donate to a great cause.

Exploring Watercolor COLORS

IMG_2657In one of my fall landscape painting classes, we explored different paint colors and brands and made a giant color chart filled with paint colors I have on my palette as well as many that the class used on their palettes.  Very illuminating!  From this, I came up with a list of my most used basic necessary colors, followed by the next colors to add to your palette.  Then I added a list of those colors I plan on trying on a little extra “piggy-back” palette, as well as a list of those colors I will be taking off my palette. E-mail me if you are interested in looking at these lists.